2017 World Haiku Contest Winners!

"We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words."- - 
Kahlil Gibran   (1883-1931)

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Theme "things that fly". 

1st Place Winner!

                     headless scarecrow
                     a raven picks the stuffing
                     out of its neck
                                 by Jay Friedenberg, NY

There are several elements of this winning haiku poem that make it resonate with the reader. The first line of  the poem creates an eerie visual and heavy silence. The scarecrow, usually associated with autumn, gives the haiku its seasonal element and the headless scarecrow immediately captures the reader's attention. The writer draws us further into the dramatic scene of a raven, which symbolizes death, picking the scarecrow apart. While the visual imagery of this poem is fantastic, the reader can also imagine the unsettling sounds of the pesky raven pulling at the scarecrow. 

The writer, ultimately, leaves the reader wanting more with the dramatic 'end scene'. What happened before and after this? All of the words in this poem flow smoothly. This is truly a powerful haiku with lasting imagery. -The Editors

2nd Place Tie!

one blackbird
lifts the flock

              by Julie Warther 

                                                     perching hummer...
                                                     the weight of this world
                                                       by Julie Warther 

3rd Place Winner!

broken butterfly wing
the salt tracks of her tears

                         by Cynthia Rowe

Honorable Mention

sky burial
vultures circling
the silence

                     by Chen-ou Liu

slightest sparrow...
every color of spring
in its song
Jann Wright

an old man and a few crows
share the dumpster

Kathy Lippard Cobb

faltering light ...
alone with the cry
of a loon
by Chen-ou Liu

burial ground
shadow birds through
shadow trees
Rick Hurst

Top Prizes – Grand Prize: $250.00 (US) & Certificate, 2nd Prize: $100.00, 3rd Prize: $50.00

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