2019 World Tanka Contest Winners!

"We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words."- - 
Kahlil Gibran   (1883-1931)

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Thanks to everyone who submitted wonderful poems for the 2019 World Tanka Poetry Competition. 

Theme: "Love". 

1st Place - $250 Grand Prize Winner
"as a sailor"

as a sailor
longing for the sea
am I for love
the kind that will be                                   
endless fathoms deep


                               by an'ya

2nd Place - $125 Prize Winner
"if as the clouds"

if as the clouds
we ever drift apart
remember me fondly
to your grandchildren

                              by an'ya

3rd Place - $50 Prize Winner
"reading your old poems"

reading your old poems
and reminiscing . . . 
how the rhythm and meter 
of I love you 
changes over time

                             by Robin Anna Smith

Honorable Mentions

a Rubik’s cube twisted 
into a colorful mix –
what if we could 
love ourselves
just the way we are?                    

                                 by Susan Burch

falling in love
under the stars
elderberry clusters
hang heavy
with juice


                          by Martha Magenta

she sets the table
for our party                        
we pretend to enjoy
our hot cups of nothing

                           by an'ya 

crafted with love,
this table you made
from ash trees
planted for the children
we never had


                           by Debbie Strange

at the edge 
of a winter dream
I reach for her ...
my love in white
there, but not there


                              by Chen-ou Liu

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