Modern TANKA Corner 2018- 2019

Tanka (five lines with 5-7-5-7-7 or short-long-short-long-long structure), is one of the shortest literary art forms in the world that merges the perception of nature with a moment in human nature or with an event. They make the simplicity of a moment significant and memorable. Tanka have poetic patterns which fuse with descriptive ways of experiencing the wonders of the world and the human condition.Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine hopes to capture the essence of the tanka tradition with all respect due to the Japanese art form.

                   Pays $1.00 per tanka  if funds permit. Manuscripts cannot be returned.                    

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine © 2007-2018


the moon
as an ingrown claw
in the crimson sky –
I lost you among the leaves
of a random autumn

when the sun sinks low
the shadow of the church
lengthens in my bed –
hold my hand!

                       by Lavana Kray


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