Japanese Short Form Poetry 2007 - 2009

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Pallbearers carry the coffin from Frank E Campbell Funeral Homehttp://farm2.static.flickr.com/1054/601790693_8618db36f8.jpg
We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.
William Butler Yeats - (1865- 1939)

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snow-capped mountains
I write a letter

no words
between us
...a crescent moon

                  by R.D. BAILEY
                  (published in EPN, 2007)

blue butterfly
a little girl whistling
to herself

                  by R.D. BAILEY
                 (published in The Heron's Nest; Fall 2007)

evening calm
a cricket appears
on my windowsill

                 by R.D. BAILEY
                 (published in The Heron's Nest; Winter 2007)


morning fog
leaving home
without my purse

             by R.D. BAILEY
             (published in Shamrock; Summer 2007)

evening calm -
one swallow nicks the surface
of the water
             (by Timothy Russell - 2007, 1st Place Haiku Winner)

in the bulrushes
the wren folds
into sleep
               (by Christopher P. Hayes - 2007, 1st Place Haiku Winner)

the scenic route...
white silence falling
from the sky

               by R.D. BAILEY
               (published in Chrysanthemum; Winter 2007)

the scent of mint leaves

                by R.D. BAILEY
                (published in Acorn; 2007)

two month drought
I remember our last

mom asks dad
my name again
overcast sky

tracing the cover
of her book
a cloud's gold lining

in puddles unseen
myself and a leaf

relentless wave
taking back the seashell
I took from it

                 by R.D. BAILEY
                (published in Simply Haiku; Winter 2007)

juice drips from my lips

                by R.D. BAILEY
                (published in Chrysanthemum; Summer 2007) 

after the wake
the scent of her hair
in the brush                    (R.I.P. Aaliyah)

she sat by the window
the Jamaican flag

                by Raquel D. BAILEY
                (published in Asahi Haikuist Network; Fall 2008)

warmth and light fade
but then we

                 by R.D. BAILEY
                 (published in Wisteria; Winter 2008) 

his first
rushing river

                by R.D. BAILEY
                (published in EPN; appears 4.23.08) 

vanilla ice cream
running down my chin, his
finger down my spine

               by R.D. BAILEY
               (published in Cider Press Review; Spring 2008)

rippling blue waters
invade my canoe -
I catch a fish
                by Barbra L. - 2008, 1st Place Haiku Winner

heat shimmer -
a watermelon patch
beside the road
                by John Bird - 2008, 2nd Place Haiku Winner

winter evening::
a lone gull flying
in the silence
                by Timothy Russell - 2008, 1st Place Haiku Winner

in winter::
the pale moon
                by Timothy Russell - 2008, 3rd Place Haiku Winner

summer heat
salt drips across
our smiles
               by Mr. Kim Chamberlain - 2008, 2nd Place Haiku Winner

spring puddle
a frog jumps over
the moon
               by Marek Kozubek - 2008, 1st Place Haiku Winner

one midnight star
...I lie

aftertaste of lime
watching her kiss
another man

                by R.D. BAILEY
               (both published in Presence #39; Fall 2008)

blue heron
still...in the stream
our shadows

                 by R.D. BAILEY
                  (published in Mainichi Daily News, Summer- June 2008)

summer's end
the scent of charcoal

                 by R.D. BAILEY
                (published in Asahi Haikuist Network, Summer 2008)

dentist's chair
I give them
a plastic smile
                  by Mr. Kim Chamberlain, 1st Place Winner July 2008

kitchen remodel
                  by Mr. Kim Chamberlain, Winner July 2008


his pain is no more
a Peace Lily
in the foyer

orange crescent sun
a grandson in the womb
                   by Debbie Spitler

job promotion
one ant carries the largest
piece of a leaf


twinkling night stars...closer than us
                  by Raquel D. BAILEY
                 (published in Frogpond; Winter 2008)

a woman's broken heel
    in the busy subway

blue eyes deepened in shimmering water

carried by cool breeze
...fallen tears
                by Pattie E. Crenshaw

deep winter
        his breath
           holding mine

his black and white picture
still in the window..
      gray winter clouds   

crescent moon
I still remember
his smile

we measure the lengths
of our scars


summer stars
we each
hold a candle

                  by R.D. BAILEY
                  (published in Simply Haiku vol 6/4; Winter 2008) 

before morning fog
      a somber night...
upon silent wings

                   by M. A. Matthews

vrhovi planine                                      the mountaintops
u zagrljaju neba                                  in the embrace of the sky
mesec saputnik                                    the Moon is companion

Da li će se ovog                                     will it appear
proleća pojaviti senka                          this spring the shadow
spava zimskim snom                             still in hibernation
                               by Tatjana Debeljački

spring morning
a tumble of kittens
across the lawn
                  by Dawn Bruce
                  (first published in Presence vol 38; 2009)  

the path ahead: 
brightly lit by the flames 
of the bridges I burn

                   by Carlton Halpert

as one in the end - 
fallen leaves

forgetting myself
for a moment - 
moon on the water

                     by Paul Smith

amazing how many stars
fit inside my windowpane

A flying carpet of
sugar maple leaves
unfurls along my road

Shooting stars write
poems across the sky

                        by Joan McNerney 

her warm tears
falling with the raindrops ~
a farewell letter

autumn dusk ~
deep shadows
escorting the night

                       by Keith A. SIMMONDS

her pregnant belly
water lily

                        by R.K. Singh


growing between bricks–
quiet dusk

baby in pink–
a sudden lightness
to my step

leafy maple–
gliding in and out of view
a silver blimp

                       by Adelaide B. Shaw

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