Japanese Short Form Poetry 2020-2021 

Page 8.

"We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words."- - Kahlil Gibran   (1883-1931)

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine © 2007-2020


fallen fruit
searching for the gems
apple turnover

                         by margaret tau 

than the sky 

last night—shut out of my own dreams

blue monsoon raining in me
                      by Hyacinth Bailey

a daymare
on this sunken sofa
the cat yawns

a crow caws
beyond the window 


so many prayers 
amid this pandemic 
spring rain 

                      by Lenard D. Moore

receding waters
a wave of emotion 
rushes through me 

the songs 
I promise to sing to you 

social distancing 
I walk along the black edge 
of nightfall 

morning dew
the weight 
of the situation 

dancing all night 
to Sinatra 

                    by R.D. Bailey

                          by Olivia Ark

a leaf apostrophes


                                  the sky

                         by Jared Mulhair

                               by Debbie Strange 

first post-lockdown walk
a dog pees on a squat bush
no “new" normal here

rebel woodpecker
drumming the satellite dish
trees are for suckers

                         by Michelle T Simon

green-spots splash!
leopard pond frog 
in moonstone waters   [after Bashō]

gentle winds
gathering lost sheep
in the sky

                          by Jessica Renee Dawson

pandemic wake I don't mind the rain this time
                           by Hyacinth Bailey

sun’s fiery orb
accents sandstone red
until nighthawks call 

boys chasing fireflies
with glowing faces
cricket ensemble

fragrant sparks 
of burning cedar

                             by Doug Lanzo 

finding you
the way a pine tip
finds a star

gray mist thins
over the pond

                                by Jann Wright 

autumn wind
where will you be in a moment,
withered leaf? 

at the hub of activity
a knot of ants 
pulling a cockroach

                               by Bakhtiyar Amini  

winter mountain hut
the burn of gluhwein
in my throat

                              by David Watts 

garden dwarfs 
my daughter plays 
Snow White

                              by Maya Daneva 

                                by Debbie Strange 

Am I a thorn or
A spur in your side or gnat
To swat? At least that

                       by Heather Robinson

                              by Debbie Strange

long drought the birdbath moonless

shortening days
I stomp in the leaf barrel
to make more room

kite wind...
so caught up
in you

                                by Brad Bennett 

                               by Debbie Strange

exchanging it 
for a larger size 

singing in the camp shower tree frogs 


raindrops on a fallen leaf 
yet another side of me 

                              by Seren Fargo 

Patrick Stewart
his voice solidifies Sonnets
and softens crackling embers


the thump of a bee
against the window  

(1st Place - Henderson Haiku Award 2019)

                             by R.D. Bailey

There's a bright, full moon right outside my window and I wouldn't have noticed if fireworks weren't going off below.

quiet moon
the sparkling fireworks 

                           by Hyacinth Bailey 

a flurry of snow
the night settles
on each crow

lullaby of rain
another pinch of saffron
in the pumpkin soup

                       by Alan Summers 

"lullaby of rain" Publication credits: Heron's Nest (Volume XIV, Number 4  December 2012); The Haiku Calendar 2014 (Snapshot Press, 2013); The Haiku Foundation Per Diem (18/7/14);  Award Credit: Editors' Choices, Heron's Nest (Volume XIV, Number 4: Dec. 2012); Runner-up, The Haiku Calendar Competition 2013

Anthology credits: Another Trip Around the Sun: 365 Days of Haiku for Children Young and Old
 (Brooks Books 2019); naad anunaad: an anthology of contemporary international haiku (Vishwakarma Publications, India, 2016);  Haiku Society of America Merit Book Awards, Best Anthology [tie] 2017; The Wonder Code (2017); Winner:  Touchstone Distinguished Books Award (The Haiku Foundation); Merit Book Award (Haiku Society of America); The Amazing Glass House: A Haiku Storybook author: Susan Beth Furst (Purple Cotton Candy Arts, October 2019)

when your credit score
stays at

night-sky petunias
the cosmos

                            by Roberta Beach Jacobson 

Halloween treats 
a tootsie roll and an apple 
knocking on my door

                               by Seren Fargo 


a dampened cloud
vague flickers 
of the moon

                               by Hyacinth Bailey 

silent night
a lullaby could fracture
the ebony sky

                              by Michelle T Simon

gibbous moon
glow on water
      she walks away

                              by Linda Fuchs
Previous version of this published in Bear Creek Haiku, January, 2018

whispers in the wind
every leaf
tells a tale

somewhere between
here and there -
lost in the willows.

                         by Laura Lynn Driscoll

thick dust 
on gran’s old piano
half-remembered melodies

all the dark corners
childhood home

                     by Louise Hopewell

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