Modern TANKA Corner 2018 - 2019

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Tanka (five lines with 5-7-5-7-7 or short-long-short-long-long structure), is one of the shortest literary art forms in the world that merges the perception of nature with a moment in human nature or with an event. They make the simplicity of a moment significant and memorable. Tanka have poetic patterns which fuse with descriptive ways of experiencing the wonders of the world and the human condition. Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine hopes to capture the essence of the tanka tradition with all respect due to the Japanese art form.

   Pays $1.00 per tanka if funds permit. Manuscripts cannot be returned.                    

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine © 2007-2019


the moon
as an ingrown claw
in the crimson sky –
I lost you among the leaves
of a random autumn

when the sun sinks low
the shadow of the church
lengthens in my bed –
hold my hand!

                       by Lavana Kray

Tan renga (Bill Pauly and Julie Warther)

come closer to the young tree
to hear its leaves
sing color to the wind
gently settling in to roost
            . . . the stars

mild breeze of September . . .
why have I never
touched your sweet face?
gently placing a tag
on the monarch's wing

morning glory vine
how deep the blue
of your color wheel
winding further and further
into the labyrinth

                                       by Lavana Kray


sunset -
  A golden leaf
  Writes its signature
across the sky

                                by R.D. Bailey

as a sailor
longing for the sea
am I for love
the kind that will be                                   
endless fathoms deep

                               by an'ya
                               (Winner 2019 World Tanka Poetry Contest)

if as the clouds
we ever drift apart
remember me fondly
to your grandchildren

                              by an'ya
                               (2nd Place, 2019 World Tanka Poetry Contest)



reading your old poems
and reminiscing . . . 
how the rhythm and meter 
of I love you 
changes over time

                              by Robin Anna Smith
                               (3rd Place, 2019 World Tanka Poetry Contest)


a Rubik’s cube twisted 
into a colorful mix –
what if we could 
love ourselves
just the way we are?  
  by Susan Burch
                                 (HM, 2019 World Tanka Poetry Contest)

falling in love
under the stars
elderberry clusters
hang heavy
with juice
                                by Martha Magenta
                                (HM, 2019 World Tanka Poetry Contest)

she sets the table
for our party                        
we pretend to enjoy
our hot cups of nothing
                                by an'ya 
                                 (HM, 2019 World Tanka Poetry Contest)

crafted with love,
this table you made
from ash trees
planted for the children
we never had
                               by Debbie Strange

                                (HM, 2019 World Tanka Poetry Contest)

at the edge 
of a winter dream
I reach for her ...
my love in white
there, but not there

                              by Chen-ou Liu
                                (HM, 2019 World Tanka Poetry Contest)



less snow 
on the slopes 
                 this year
on my ski

                             by R.D. Bailey

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