Japanese Short Form Poetry 2018 - 2019

Page 7.

"We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words."- - Kahlil Gibran   (1883-1931)

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cold rain
darkness trickles
off the tiles

                             by Rachel Sutcliffe

on a metallic sea—
scent of plumeria  

                              by Jann Wright

                                                  by Lavana Kray

blue lit
tang of woodsmoke
smudges twilight

falling petals
a one-footed black bird
stabs the earth

a snail
the size of a dewdrop...
morning silvers

taken by the sea

morning glories with one day to be blue

                                by Jann Wright 

and all is mended
a passing cloud opens
the moonflowers

                              by Julie Warther

                                                 by Lavana Kray

morning prayer--
sharing their grief
with the statue 

                                      by   Pravat Kumar Padhy 


frail moon
we float in the violet
sash of twilight

atop a black-eyed susan
a dark-eyed butterfly

stony creek
make things look easy

                                           by Jann Wright

hovering drone 
a toddler cries,



            only grey lines
            in his coloring book

                                           by R.D. Bailey

the small box 
at the child’s funeral
the angles of loss

stilled air 
a nightjar’s song
draws in the dusk 

                       by John Hawkhead

side by side
toad and fly-trap

dead cat
lying in the road

Sometimes a breeze,
sometimes a bee,
flowers nod.

                        by Bob Carlton

starry night:
I wonder, which one
is closest to me?

meteor shower 
over the campgrounds 
children grab their blankets 

black hole --
nothing can pull him away 
from his video games 

                        by R.D. Bailey 
                                       OtherWordly video game (2019)

                                               by Lavana Kray

only the stars stay
on course

                             by Lovette Carter

under the ackee tree
all eyes
on me

terminal illness:
a fading Mickey Mouse
on the children's ward wall

                   by R.D. Bailey
                       (2019 Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest, Japan)

the absence
of a wind that died

                   by Jann Wright

the notion of a mountain
fades into the lake

                           by Gary Hittmeyer

                                   (first published in Chrysanthemum No. 25. April 2019)

a trickle of snowmelt
the river winds
through stone

milky way
a coyote's howl
pierces the night sky

                             by Gary Hittmeyer

Short Cuts          by Deborah Guzzi

Three decades/ the wall has borne tokens/ good-time pics in gold
frames/ cheap reflecting glass houses braying York walks on
England’s walls/ tower follies among rhododendrons/ no telltale
images of husband & wife/ no wallpaper son/ only nail holes remain
after a thirty-year marriage/ disillusion

closed window shades
bar the heat of August
the stale scent of popcorn

Once a plate-rail held Christmas tea candles & sea-green
-depression-ware plates/ bits of plastic greenery in December
loopty-loop beneath its lip decked in embarrassed-red bows/
the wall tries to maintain its dignity/ fair & foul life leaped
within a living room/ walls embrace/ illusion

electric candles
beam from white windowsills
sugar-cookie Santa’s

Father & son were gone/ pinpricks/ spackle-less sparks/
pocked remainders of past eruptions/ pain left with the snap
shots/a sheen of new plaster adorns the walls now/ Net Flick’s
images of T. Brook’s Shannara replace desiccated memories/
acorn-gold drowns bygones of beige/ ghosting/ the illusionist

window doll
uncrosses a leg

red light district
I practice 
a few winks

staccatos echo 
Bugis Street
*red light district 

up the ancient courtyard 
a fragrant olive tree

                           by Christina Chin

to get home
to slow down

                          by Dan Burt

Key West sunset
        every bartender
        curing humanity

                        by Raquel D. Bailey
                       (2019 Porad Haiku Contest, HM)

evening rain 
uploading memories 
to cyberspace 

                       by Elancharan Gunasekaran 
                           (2019 Editor's Choice Award)

spring breeze 
wet crows drying on the clothes line 

clouds ...
     one eye on the game;
the other out for rain

                       by Dinesh De Silva 

        my fountain pen 
        runs dry

                        by R.D. Bailey

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